yogurt and soy milk

October 16, 2012

tuesday breakfast
tuesday breakfast
breakfast: coffee, jelly cake, & yogurt and soy milk jelly mixed with various colorful jelly bits

tuesday lunch
lunch: omuraisu

appetizer: red wine & cheddar slices. the guy i spoke to earlier today said he preferred corona. that made me think of it and want it. but i didn’t have any at home but red wine. don’t you want corona now that i talked about it?

tuesday dinner
dinner: veggie juice, brown rice noodles alla carbonara, & simmered kabocha with minced chicken

8 Responses to “yogurt and soy milk”

  1. Rena Says:

    Ok, I really need to buy some gelatin, you’re kind of killing me. What flavors are in that jelly cake?

    I don’t actually like Corona, but I would love to be eating that simmered kabocha right now!

    • aixxx Says:

      Let’s see…yogurt, orange, blue hawaii, melon, strawberry milk, grape calpico, black current…whatever you like in your jelly, I suppose. It’s not difficult. It’s actually mush easier and less calculation involved than the molded ones. It’s just time and space-consuming. I’d love to see how you do it!

  2. These look like the happiest meals today! I really wonder what your jelly madness tastes like… It’s exactly the kind of texture we aren’t used to here in France.
    I’m longing for red wine now, not corona -but i broke my iitala wine glass.. Just as you’re supposed to break it: the thin part just under the “bowl” part, up the “foot” (as we say in franch, but i’m sure it’s wrong in english) you know. Red wine and cheese. You actually made me buy old mimolette with all your wine and cheddar photographies, haha*

  3. mesia Says:

    Totally agree with the “happy meals” comment. The jelly cake is GORGEOUS. I swear, you should open your own 気まぐれスイーツカフェ.


    • aixxx Says:

      I should, right? 自宅カフェみたいなね。つってもゴッキーが出るようなショボイ家じゃダメよね。

      忘れてたけど、そうでしたね、誕生日もうすぐだわ。Thanks for reminding me. Ugh.

  4. Gali Says:

    That cake with the jelly bits looks amazing! Is that widely available in stores?

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