my favorite animals

October 16, 2012

I often meet these skinny cats when I go out to get some coffee beans at one of my favorite coffee shops.

“Hey, mommy?”
“Hey, mom, can I let this human pet me?”
“Hello? Can I help you? Do you have food for us?”
Mommy has gorgeous emerald eyes.
She was still chilling out there on my way back from the coffee shop.

Spotted another pair of mom and kitten.

Doggies are awesome, too, especially this guy.

4 Responses to “my favorite animals”

  1. tess Says:

    oh i love the dog! do you know his name? i love giving names to unknown-to-me animals…he looks like a oliver.

  2. Rhi Says:

    Aw, they’re all so gorgeous! Those emerald eyes are amazing too. I wish I could take better photos of my kitty, but she hates cameras and won’t stay still : /

    • aixxx Says:

      They are funny like that. These cats were looking directly at my eyes while they were meowing at me. But as soon as I pointed a camera at them, they slightly looked away.

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