jolly jelly sunday

October 14, 2012

sunday breakfast
breakfast: coffee, scone, & jelly

lunch: cafe au lait & scone. i love their bread-like scones.

dessert: coffee & beard papa’s paris brest

sunday dinner
dinner: onigiri, curry-flavored cauliflower and eggs, & simmered kabocha with minced chicken

dessert: more jelly

6 Responses to “jolly jelly sunday”

  1. Tanya Says:

    Hi Ai
    Thanks for turning the cup facing froward. I thought the sign says “Human” :)

  2. nalbbong2 Says:

    Howdy one of my favorite bloggers?
    I ve been following this blog for a quite long time and every time i visit i admire u in two ways which are ur food ( obviously) and such a down to earth Englisg u use considering ur nationality. So i would like to ask what kind of career u r having if u dont mind. If u dont feel awkward answer my question on blog email is also nice and no reply is also very much understandable ~
    Thank u for ur time and blog :)

    • aixxx Says:

      Thank you for your interest. My career involves a lot of writing.

      By the way why do you use abbreviations? You are obviously not Prince or on Twitter. (Okay I’m kidding.)

  3. tut Says:

    Ohhh, where did you get the cup with “humor”? It`s great!

  4. arawa Says:

    beard papa! i am so thankful it is not so close by that i can go there very often. that would be dangerous.

    • aixxx Says:

      I know what you mean. I tried their earl grey cream filling, too. While it’s darn good, I think I prefer the regular one. You should compare them, too, and tell me which you like better. Ha, can you tell that I am tempting you?

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