October 12, 2012

friday breakfast
breakfast: coffee, prunes, & jellies. this pale one has a yogurt mousse in it.

friday lunch
lunch: carrot salad & spaghetti alla carbonara

dessert: supercup “marron” (308kcal). pretty darn good.

friday dinner
dinner: fried lotus root and carrot & rice with salmon flakes

Curiosity (and gelatin) is overwhelming me!

3 Responses to “obsessive”

  1. Gelatin experiments! These looks so colorful. :)

  2. Kristen Says:

    Do you have a recipe for the jellies you’ve been making? I got hooked on them in Japan over the summer but have only made coffee jelly since coming back to the US!

  3. Zann Says:

    i second the request for the jelly recipe. please! i wanna make some pretty too!

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