October 11, 2012


I finally finished a roll of film in my Contax T3 and had it developped. Madonna may despise these flowers, but they are pretty and remind me of my happy childhood. As for these shots, I remember waiting for rainy (if not, misty) mornings to shoot as I think that’s when they are the most beautiful.

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  1. R Says:

    Madonna hates them? I had no idea. They remind me of happy childhood times too. My grandmother used to have enormous bushes of them (blooms bigger than a human head as I remember) in California. She told me she buried rusty nails underneath the bushes and the iron helped them to turn the pretty blue. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that red variety at the bottom!! Love them.

    • aixxx Says:

      I heard about that, too, about how acidic soil turns them more blue. But for a minute I thought to myself, “Rusty nails…why do her nails get rusty!?” I’m laughing at myself…

  2. can’t believe that someone could despise hydrangeas! they’re my favorite flower.

  3. tess Says:

    i didn’t know madonna hated them! she’s wrong to. these are beautiful photos ai.

  4. aixxx Says:

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t know about Madonna and the flowers. She “absolutely loathes” them.

  5. anastasia Says:

    whatever, madonna. i love hydrangeas, my “grandma” phil had them in her garden, and they make me happy when i see them. plus, they’re a lot of flower for an inexpensive price, and fill up a vase really well.

  6. tess Says:

    oh, i remember this. i think i had mentally blocked it. it seems impossible to me to “loathe” a flower.

  7. Clare Says:


  8. Clare Says:

    Oops I stuffed up my comment above! These photos are beautiful! Hydrangeas are my favourite flower. I want to try and grow them in my tiny backyard. They remind me of happy times of my childhood too.

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