sarah vaughan

October 10, 2012

wednesday breakfast
breakfast: coffee, prunes, & maple walnut scone (forgot to add a punch pinch of salt…)

wednesday lunch
lunch: spaghetti with bacon and green onion, seasoned with yuzu kosho 

dessert: shirokuma (277kcal)

wednesday dinner
dinner: yebisu & sauteed chicken (marinated in sagohachi) with bell peppers and carrot salad

I’m still at it. It’s very time-consuming. There’s lot of waiting time involved, too. Obviously my attention span is too short for memorizing numbers: I added twice as much liquid to the amount of gelatin I used, so they all came out very wobbly. Let’s see how the final result will turn out.

Sarah Vaughan makes me happy.

“Do you have this jacket in any other colors?” That was one of the phrases introduced in the basic English lesson program on TV that I happened to come across tonight. Somehow I don’t think that’s so basic for most Japanese.


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