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October 8, 2012

monday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & organic (or “macrobiotic”) basil scone and walnut fig muffin

monday lunch
lunch: rice, sauteed bell pepepers and carrot, & sauteed chicken (marinated in sagohachi)

dessert: coffee & macarons from laduree

dessert #2: i made these late last night. i tried to make jelly many years ago when i first discovered those famous jewels that you guys drool over. but i still don’t know what the hell i’m doing. i mean, these look cute but taste nothing like those from the shop.

monday dinner
dinner: stewed winter melon with sauteed minced pork

I waited and waited for the delivery man who was supposed to come in the morning but didn’t until I called to check at two. So I stayed home (national holiday), feeling anxious and bored (and of course, trying not to get too irritated). I took pictures of the stuff around the house out of boredom.

I bought this little tray along with the Peter Ivy glass bowl the other day at the gallery.
I keep buying everything with “jelly beans” textile.

I want to say it’s a coincidence, but I spot at least five items from or related to Mina Perhonen in this post alone. A bit overboard…

9 Responses to “mina x five”

  1. shereen Says:

    All items are so pretty. I especially like your lamp, may I know where it’s from?

    • Michelle Says:

      I agree with Shereen. I especially love your dishes and flatware. Other than the Peter Ivy stuff, where do you purchase your stuff? Hopefully someplace that’ll ship to the US…

  2. Michelle Says:

    wow, you made those jellies. i thought they were from the shop. do you know if they have a japanese cookbook entirely on how to make jellies? your new purchases are so lovely. is there a wallet version of the m.p. jellies bean?

    • aixxx Says:

      I’m sure there are millions of cookbooks on jellies, but I’ve never checked them as I’m not really interested in them. I’m only interested in those jellies from that particular shop. They have superb sense of what tastes and looks good, don’t they.

    • aixxx Says:

      Oh, I take it back. There are a couple of books that look interesting and useful. Maybe I’ll get one of those and let you know!

      • Michelle Says:

        i totally agree. those jellies look so divine. the jelly shop should consider coming out with their own jelly cookbook. i’d buy one instantly. i’m also interested in their process/techniques of making those stylish jellies. thanks ai.

  3. Rena Says:

    I love the soft grey of the cup/dish set in the coffee/macarons photo!

    What flavors are your jellies? Is the one on the right coffee? I was making a lot of them a few months back using agar agar (inspired by your persimmon kanten ages ago…not so pretty, I just used little bowls or ramekins)… is this agar or gelatin? They’re lovely.

    • aixxx Says:

      The one you mentioned is soy milk with ground sesame seeds. But they were not fine enough for smooth texture at all. The other one is the pineapple juice and soy milk layers only because that was all I had at the time. It’s gelatin. How did you like kanten (agar)!? Did you make persimmon kanten?

  4. D. Says:

    I thought those jellies were from the shop too. ;)

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