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October 5, 2012

friday breakfast
breakfast: coffee, persimmon, & milk with chocolate mousse and melon jellies

friday lunch
lunch: brown rice noodles with fried cabbage, carrot, and canned tuna

dessert: parm matcha (207kcal). it’s that time of year: delicious time.

friday dinner
friday dinner
dinner: some bread, some salad, & stewed hamburger or something

I swear the Chianti I’ve been drinking is way stronger than any sleeping pills. It knocked me right out again last night. What the heck could possibly be in it!? I never get that tired drinking alcohol.

Anyway I went to see The Bourne Legacy tonight as it just opened here last weekend. (I never understand why some films don’t come out in Japan until months after their initial releases elsewhere.) I’d say that I generally have pretty great taste in film. I understand it. In fact I do so way more than music. But I lose perspective when it comes to action flicks. I can kinda love them indiscriminately, like I really love the Bourne series a lot, this new one no exception. By the way what’s Jeremy Renner like?  Is he fratty? He kinda seems that way, no?

6 Responses to “action flicks”

  1. arawa Says:

    i am not sure, but i do not think so. that is not the general impression i get of him, but i could be wrong.

  2. Capacitier Says:

    This breakfast looks great!

  3. Jill Says:

    Hi I love your orange pot ! What brand is it ? Love your blog ! :)

  4. k Says:

    there’s a story about jeremy renner that’s stuck with me for a while… how he lived on doughnuts and by candlelight because he couldn’t afford electricity before he made it big.

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