dried sardines

September 29, 2012

saturday breakfast
breakfast: coffee, banana blueberry smoothie, & ritz crackers

saturday lunch
lunch: soy milk soup with some pain rustique

dessert: daifuku with uji matcha cream filling from seven-eleven (¥130, 170kcal)

saturday dinner
saturday dinner
dinner: ramen (and zosui). wow, this was very strong. the broth is made with dried sardines instead of usual chicken or pork. it was an experience, and i generally like sardines, but i don’t think i’d go back.

dessert: berry cheesecake parfait at mini-stop (¥298). too much food already.

Love it! Makes me happy to hear you are doing well, J.

5 Responses to “dried sardines”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I love that you’re so honest about what you’ve eaten/cooked each day. So many bloggers seem to have healthy food for every meal which is a bit hard to believe. Also nice to know your recipies don’t always turn out as planned, just like the rest of us. :-)

    • aixxx Says:

      Ha. What it comes down to is that this is primarily for my own record to check and correct my eating habits, and I don’t really have time to pretty things up for other people to judge or care what they think, which is probably to my disadvantage, innit?

  2. Bonjour Ai!
    Glad you liked the card*
    I’m going to have to tell you the rest of the story….

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