cheap wine

September 28, 2012

friday breakfast
breakfast: coffee, persimmon (i shouldn’t buy this kind no more…), & curry pan from seven-eleven (268kcal)

friday lunch
friday lunch
lunch: oj & maru-chan sio ramen with sauteed cabbage and sausages. i was planning on going to get some ramen at a newish ramen shop in the neighborhood for dinner tonight. i realized as i was eating lunch that i was eating one for lunch. duh.

dinner: a glass of cheap chianti (with some ritz crackers) absolutely knocked me out.

I crashed on my futon and woke up at 3 and am now watching the Katy Perry documentary because I have to return it tomorrow (or technically today) to work. She’s just so adorable. She is unlike someone who is very big and is such a micromanaging control freak that for every interview she gives she has to check every single question you have beforehand and tells you what you can and cannot ask and how to phrase your questions and all that. That’s all fine if that’s your style and that’s how you keep your public image, but of course Katy’s not like that at all. I’m not being sarcastic.

3 Responses to “cheap wine”

  1. tess Says:

    what kind of persimmon do you prefer? i love the look, color and taste of persimmons but they often leave a filmy feel in my mouth/tongue–is that true for you too?

    hope you have a more restful weekend–watching music videos and music-related videos is hard for me in the middle of the night. they give me nightmares sometimes, ha! even when it’s something good, like grizzly bear’s ready, able

    • aixxx Says:

      I prefer big fat seedless astringent persimmons whose tannin you remove by soaking them in alcohol or something. But those are more expensive and sometimes exclusive to locals, so I don’t get to eat them. I believe the filmy feel you described is from tannin. You might want to wait a few more days until they get ripe and lose tannin. I think I grew up eating more persimmons than apples or any fruit for that matter, so I’m very partial to them!

  2. tess Says:

    i didn’t intend to leave that clip…no worries if you don’t want to listen/watch.

    : )

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