all day and night

September 26, 2012

wednesday breakfast
breakfast: coffee, orange juice, persimmon, & some cheesy bread from polka

wednesday lunch
lunch: spaghetti with pesto, cabbage, and bocconcini. i had no tomatoes or tomato cans or garlic for that matter…

appetizer: suntory the premium malt’s & babystar ramen & peanuts

wednesday dinner
dinner: soy milk soup & inarizushi

I wanted to interview Ne-Yo today (I’ve always wanted to as I hear he’s such a sweetheart, and he writes music that ain’t too bad you know.), but I was too busy writing all day and night. Pretty stressed out…so much so that I might skip doing the dishes tonight and just crash, which is unheard of for me, really.

6 Responses to “all day and night”

  1. Hey, take care of yourself!
    Wishing you a good warm repairing (can you say it like that? sounds like some bad translation from french…) night*
    + Hope your letterbox will soon bring you some interesting thing -ahem…

  2. Why does your food always look so damn good? I want to eat everything here (and learn to cook more varied/diversified dishes). Your blog is a true inspiration.

  3. Selvinas Says:

    Would be cool if you could get to interview Ne-Yo. Is it difficult to arrange interviews?

  4. Tracy Says:

    You’re a lot less intimidating now that you’ve told us that you approve of Ne-Yo. I can stop feeling too inadequate about my taste in music.

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