smoothie for autumn breakfast

September 25, 2012

tuesday breakfast
breakfast: coffee (not pictured) & banana blueberry smoothie

tuesday lunch
lunch: orange juice & akai kitsune. i had some ginger rice, too.

tuesday dinner
dinner: sushi, fried octopus, & soy milk soup (for vitamines)

This is my sister’s soy milk soup. Lookin’ good.

8 Responses to “smoothie for autumn breakfast”

  1. catarina Says:

    everything looks so delicious!

  2. Kitty Says:

    The smoothie looks very good!

  3. I really need a recipe for ginger rice could tell me how to do?

  4. mesia Says:

    That smoothie looks so good. I’m going to give the soy milk soup a try sometime this week. 無調整か調整、どっちがいいかな?

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