July 12, 2012

thursday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & yogurt with banana, muesli, and maple syrup

thursday lunch
lunch: iced coffee, natto rice, simmered potatoes and dried daikon shreds, & green beans

thursday dinner
dinner: tofu topped with dashi (cucumber, myoga, natto)

Have you ever had your teeth whitened with that procedure at the dentist that makes you look brilliantly helpless and vulnerable? Does it work? What works (for how long)? Why is it that Doug Pitt has incredibly pearly white teeth when he isn’t even an actor!?

(Ohhh, I think I actually found something that I could try.)

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  1. Tanya Says:

    Hi Ai
    The procedure is availalbe not only in the dentist office, but in the big malls as well (in US). The after pain is pretty bad, you need meds to keep it down. I use Opalescence gel (overnight).
    Lots of people in US are obsessed with teeth whitening and cosmetic procedures. Noticed in Japan women are more concerned about skin(no tanning, porcelain white).

    • aixxx Says:

      True. People on TV have beautiful poreless skin in Japan for instance. And all the while I’m thinking why not having their teeth straightened before going on TV!

      Do you have to buy a tray, too, when you try Opalescence gel?

  2. Tamakikat Says:

    Hi Ai.

    Tried shirokuma in bar form today. It was really good. Have you tried it?

  3. i did teeth whitening at the dentist few years back. Basically they stretch your mouth and shine blue lights on it for probably about 30 to 45min. The result was fantastic. And i find that i don’t get coffee stains easily as compared to before, which was really good. The only down side was that my gum felt a bit sensitive for few weeks.
    i’ve been doing just regular polishing since, don’t even need to go for another whitening session.

    • aixxx Says:

      I checked to see how much it would cost to do that LED light thing in Japan. Some place charges as much as 80,000 yen for a session, which is absurd. But I want to do more research on it for real. Thanks for your information.

  4. Hey Ai!
    Funny how Americans are obsessed with their teeth -and they do have pretty white teeth too. We were just talking about it with a friend tonight. I’m still not sure it’s that healthy though… But i’d like very nice teeth like that too.
    By the way, that video was very instructive, haha, i think i’ll try his method.

  5. Brenda Says:

    Crest Whitening Strips. Expensive, but worth it. My dentist suggested I try them before having her do anything more drastic to my teeth. I also found out that certain of my teeth very VERY sensitive to the process. (The dentist said it would be worse with a pro treatment!)

    I love coffee too much to ever have the gleaming white teeth that are all the rage in America.

    • aixxx Says:

      Which one should I get, you think? “Crest 3D White Whitestrips With Advanced Seal Professional Effects Enamel Safe Dental Whitening Kit”??? There are so many kinds it’s confusing! Also when your teeth get too sensitive, do you take a day off from it or something? You see, I’m serious. ;-)

      • Brenda Says:

        Honestly, the dentist recommended that I buy the cheapest option since they’re all pretty much the same. I think I went with a store brand (Target). You’re supposed to go 7 days in a row, but after 3 or 4 days, my teeth were pretty sensitive, so I stretched it out, taking a few days off between treatments. I saw a decent amount of whitening by the time I finished one complete package.

        The one tooth that was super sensitive sits back from the others (is out of line with my other teeth) and for some reason it ached for a couple of days after. (My dentist said that wasn’t uncommon.)

        I’d say go with something affordable and see how it works for you!

  6. tess Says:

    your descriptions are hilarious–you have a british way of saying things…no, i haven’t whitened my teeth. it seems obsessive to me even though being american, i guess those things should matter to me. i also drink tea and coffee and wine to my heart’s content. i don’t smile much, not because of my teeth, i’m just more of a smirker anyway…

    • aixxx Says:

      I spoke to a British boy last night, which must have rubbed off on me. Otherwise my English is generally very American!

      From one smirker to the other smirker: I remember my niece asking me why I smirked with one corner of my mouth higher than the other, to which I replied with that very smirk, making her laugh. Just some stupid thing I remember, ha. But I do laugh with my mouth wide open like an idiot, too.

      • 21stars Says:

        ai! i totally forgot about this but a friend of mine sent me this link a few weeks ago because she was trying the crest whitening strips (which i think worked reasonably well for her) and was fearing this sort of result…

        re: smirks–they are the best and more funny than a real smile i find.

        re: british talk–you learned english in america? it’s very good, i must say. i can’t imagine being fluent in another language which probably sounds horribly american but i’m being honest–i don’t get to travel too far and i think that’s the best way to learn. phrases like “brilliant” or the use of adverbs makes me think of british-style english which i love. i lived in england for a little while and miss the panche they have with words.

        • tess Says:

          i replied with a new name for some reason? it’s tess still. ha. not enough coffee yet to darken my teeth and type reasonably.

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