July 11, 2012

wednesday breakfast
breakfast: same as yesterday except for hot coffee in my fujiyama mug

wednesday lunch
lunch: omuraisu & green beans

snack: i had some kakipi.

wednesday dinner
dinner: iced coffee & simmered potatoes, dried daikon shreds, and chikuwa

(It was Natto Day yesterday. But I didn’t want to mention it as I of all people didn’t have any natto on Natto Day. Sha sha sha shame.)

14 Responses to “potatoes”

  1. laurie Says:

    well that shocks me, you, the Natto queen!!
    Its definitely a taste and texture to get used too, its the foamy look that makes me leery,

  2. whiness Says:

    ice coffee is the best for such a hot weather.

  3. sopchan Says:

    I love the fujisan mug! Want!

    Ah, I haven’t had natto for the longest time. I’m sure there’s some in the freezer. Yesterday I did have a bit of a nihonpoi dinner – miso shiru with broccoli and egg; sauteed courgettes, beef and carrots; multigrain rice And something different but from a Japanese magazine recipe – ninjin peperoncino – carrot ‘pasta’ with olive oil and chilli. No parmesan though which would have definitely made it even better than it was.

    Oh and I had udon with saba and mizuna on Monday at London’s best udon (and only?) place, Koya in Soho. Can’t even remember if it’s super authentic to me though! Demo, kekko oishi.

    I’m on a healthy eating kick trying not to eat sugar, sweeteners or white carbs. They all mess with my mood, energy and hormones.

    • aixxx Says:

      Does no sugar no carb work for Asians, too, you think? (I just cracked me up with that question!) Seriously, though, how do you contain your cravings for sweets?

      • sopchan Says:

        First three days: you get through those sugar less and cravings really reduce! It’s all because your blood sugar isn’t getting spiked all the time.

        HA ha. It works for this half Asian.

    • aixxx Says:

      By the way, misoshiru with broccoli doesn’t sound all that typically Japanese, does it. ;-)

  4. That mug is brilliant.

    (I’ve never had natto. I wish now that I had celebrated natto day!)

  5. Kitty Says:

    I love the mug, too!
    I’ve never had natto and I doubt I’d order it…it does look a bit funky!

  6. Zooey. Says:

    I love how so many people are commenting on the mug because it’s the first thing I noticed too! Love it, and love all your crockery & utensils :)

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