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July 10, 2012

tuesday breakfast
breakfast: iced coffee, apple cinnamon crunchy muesli with maple syrup and soy milk, & matcha cookies

tuesday lunch
lunch: onigiri (with korean seaweed), pickled cucumber, bean sprout namul, & baked chicken

dessert: shirokuma (277kcal)


no, magnets (this is why i can never save $$.)

tuesday dinner
dinner: red wine, cheddar slices, grilled deep-fried tofu, & green beans

If you were wondering about my cold brew coffee maker, it’s Iwaki water-drip coffee server, which makes about 450ml of coffee with 40g coarsely ground coffee beans, though I grind my dark-roast beans finer than “coarse.” More accessible alternative for you living outside Japan would be Hario Mizudashi cold brew coffee pot, which seems to receive just as great reviews as Iwaki does.

5 Responses to “about coffee”

  1. Fanny Says:

    That breakfast sounds perfect. And the magnets!

  2. Kitty Says:

    The magnets are beautiful. For some reason I keep picturing them as drawer/cupboard door knobs.

  3. Kenichi Says:


  4. sylvie Says:

    besides looking at the food, i take the time to look at the plates and bowls you use. pretty! ahh irresistible magnets i wish i had!

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