bubbly sunday

July 8, 2012

sunday breakfast
breakfast: iced coffee, hot sandwiches (cheese and avocado), & watermelon

cafe break: cafe latte for me, soy milk for her

sunday lunch
sunday lunch
sunday lunch
lunch: some cheese, some pork, some veggies, some gelée, & a glass of bubbly for me, which made me babble about hiring two senior citizens to weed my backyard. i can’t possibly imagine how my friend could’ve given a damn.

sunday dinner
dinner: red wine, pickled cucumber, kabocha salad, edamame, & baked chicken

Weekends go by way too quickly. (Oh yes, I’m stating the obvious.) I have chocolate on my face now (not so obvious) to start this week with a fresh face.

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  1. Sarah Says:

    Senior citizens DO love to weed out yards. My grandma use to do it all the time at our house. Since she passed way, our yard exploded with weeds.

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