spilling coffee

June 20, 2012

wednesday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & peanut butter muffin

wednesday lunch
lunch: scrambled eggs, sauteed green peppers, onion, and sausages, & natto rice. i haven’t been paying much attention to what i have in the fridge this week. uninspired and unmotivated.

snack: grand kirin (came out yesterday. sold exclusively at seven-elevens. worth the price.) & potato chips

wednesday dinner
dinner: spaghetti with zucchini (courgette) and canned tuna

I’ve always thought people who spill coffee or whatever on their keyboards are really silly and clumsy and that it’s basically impossible to do, for me anyway. I did it this afternoon. Go me. I did it all because the vacuum bottle for my coffee had suddenly stopped working, and so I had the substitute container, which, when tilted, spilled coffee from the other end of the lid all over my keyboard. Stupid. It was fortunate that I don’t add sugar in my coffee. The laptop seems to be working fine.

5 Responses to “spilling coffee”

  1. Tanya Says:

    I am clumsy, I got coffee all over my desk and my white (only on white for god-knows-why reason) shirt many times. And I don’t add sugar to my coffee :)

  2. pots & walks Says:

    one time i made the mistake of eating watermelon while on my laptop. of course i am not the most careful and tidy watermelon-eater, and the drippings killed the trackpad. genius!

  3. Kitty Says:

    Eh only 20min ago I knocked my mug + some of the water spilt over…just noticed top left corner group of keyboard keys is wet…hmm seems fine though.

  4. My laptop is kind of grody anyway, but the one time I spilled coffee on it I was devastated. It fried almost immediately. Thankfully, the techs at Apple were super friendly, patient, understanding, and helpful; they got me back up & running in no time.

    Sounds like you were lucky! I hope your biggest concern is that it’s a waste of coffee. ;-)

  5. I have this protection sheet on my keyboard just in case I spill anything on it :o


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