the skin i live in

June 16, 2012

saturday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & french toast using english muffins

dessert: kakigoori @ aioi (film not developed yet)

saturday dinner
dinner: asahi super dry, chicken wings, & chapchae

It was a rainy, no-hope-for-the-government, lets-go-to-see-a-movie kind of Saturday. So I finally went to see La piel que habito (The Skin I Live In). I’ve seen almost all Pedro Almodóvar’s films and loved them all one way or the other but mostly for his super wacky melodrama and empathetic female characters. This one was no exception. What’s your favorite Almodóvar film?

4 Responses to “the skin i live in”

  1. Kenichi Says:

    All About My Mother より前のは見てないけど、Bad Educationかな。Almodovarのボックスセット欲しくなったわ。

  2. ALina Says:

    Todo sobro mi madre (All about my mother) is my favorite but I love them all for the crazy women characters in them, the colors, the stories.

  3. Melissa Says:

    It used to be “Tacones Lejanos”, but then “Hable con ella” appeared and it became my favourite one, but now, “La piel que habito” won a huge place in my Almodovar heart. Maybe because everyone where so crazy but still, everything fits. Don’t know how to really explain it. Oh! and I really liked the cast too.

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