seiko chan

June 13, 2012

wednesday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & toast topped with soy cottage cheese, walnuts, and maple syrup

wednesday lunch
lunch: kabocha salad & somen

wednesday dinner
dinner: ginger ale, miso soup, natto rice, sunny-side up eggs, sausages, & sauteed green peppers

Seiko-chan got married for the third time today, and my editor, single obviously, asked me how that’s even possible for some people. Good question. But the wrong person to ask.

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  1. Selvinas Says:

    Haha, love that last sentence of yours! But she’s in her fifties and famous so it’s alright to marry 3 times haha. But maybe being famous makes having a relationship more difficult? Glad I’m not her at least ;p

    • aixxx Says:

      She doesn’t even look like she’s in her fifties, does she!? Pretty amazing.

      • Selvinas Says:

        The advantage of being rich: you can afford plastic surgery ;p
        Most of them do anyways. Not sure if she did. But I always think Asian people almost never look their age and Western people usually look older.

  2. Tanya Says:

    Hi Ai
    Here is an instruction on how to marry 3 (or more) times:
    1. Start young (18 is a good/legal age, need a strong desire to get out of parents house)
    2. Fall in love fast (too many boys – too little time approach)
    3. Get a quick divorce in a year or two (no kids no assets to split, no lawyer)
    4. Repeat 3 times with variations (like: no love, better person, rich, handsome, smart, loves you, want kids, want money, and other wrong reason)

    P.S. Too bad we didn’t share a bottle of wine in Tokyo. I am good at giving advices, they are free :)

    • aixxx Says:

      Haha. I think what my friend was insinuating was that why it’s possible for some people to find a partner so easily and so frequently while she can’t find anyone. But I do agree with you that you have to start young. Damn…

  3. Just saw here interview on tv this morning (on ZIP like 30min ago).
    She so doesn’t do it for me, some of her comments are so like “whatever”.

    I’m not a walnut fan but that toast looks good.

  4. elisabelle Says:

    I could eat your dinner right now for breakfast. I will probably wait until dinner though.
    As always, thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Kenichi Says:


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