wild cats

June 12, 2012

tuesday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & ginger cake

tuesday lunch
lunch: more carrot salad & rice topped with meatless mapo tofu

tuesday dinner
dinner: white wine & tortilla chips with hot salsa. i got a giant bag of tortilla chips in a box…i mean, giant. but i don’t have anything else to fix nachos. fml.

I’ve already gotten used to Lion’s “natural” scrolling more or less. And now I hear about Mountain Lion. Great. A vicious feline circle…

5 Responses to “wild cats”

  1. Kitty Says:

    I’m glad your tortilla chips have arrived!

    We are thinking of getting Lion/Mountain Lion at work…though I am such a sucker for packaging and prefer the photo of the Snow Leopard on the box.

  2. vesselland Says:

    Hehe.. I just found out that one can change the scroll settings while using Lion seven months after I upgraded. It took me forever to get used to the ‘more logical’ set-up of the short cuts and now you’re telling me that Mountain Lion may be different yet again..

    • aixxx Says:

      Oh no, I didn’t say that. I doubt they’d change it again. They wanted to standardize it on every product (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.). This is why I stuck to their “natural scrolling” setting even though I did know I could change it.

      • vesselland Says:

        Oh, I didn’t mean to put words in your mouth.. Just a lil sarcastic twist.. I’m glad there won’t be any more changes. Standardising the whole lot will probably make it easier in the long run..

        • aixxx Says:

          I wrote something about having to upgrade everything I’ve just upgraded all over again once I decide to get Mountain Lion then erased that part. So I can see why it was confusing. Sorry!

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