come out and play

May 20, 2012

sunday breakfast
brunch: coffee, plain scone (with maple syrup), & grapefruit muffin, both from an organic vegan muffin shop. the grapefruit/cinnamon combination was just weird in a muffin. do you like this combination?

snack: coffee, herb tea, strawberries, melon, potato chips, lemon cake, etc.
the cats didn’t come out while the kid was around.

sunday dinner
dinner: sauteed tofu & hijiki rice

4 Responses to “come out and play”

  1. Jordan Says:

    Gasp! Vegan muffin shop? Could you share where?

  2. tomi Says:

    Grapefruit is a bit of an unusual addition to muffins. How did it taste in the end?

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