dirty bass

May 15, 2012

tuesday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & freshly baked maple pecan muffins. there was no breakfast or sugar. i had organic maple syrup and pecans. so i whipped up the muffins.

tuesday lunch
lunch: pickled plum and raw egg on rice & miso soup (potato, onion, seaweed, etc.)

tuesday dinner
dinner: red wine, miso soup, & grape tomatoes and cheddar on toast

I’m not very hip-hop, so whenever I have to discuss things like booty-shakin’ dirty bass and subwoofers and shit with hip-hop artists, it just cracks me up and makes me want to ask absurd questions.

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  1. Kitty Says:

    Dinner looks good.

    I’m not into hip-hop either and always want to laugh out loud at the artist names. I can just imagine being told to show respect or something.

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