April 25, 2012

wednesday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & strawberry clafoutis tart that i seem to be baking every week. i added a bit of rhubarb jam in the bottom for a little more tartness this time. has anyone baked this? i don’t want the strawberry season to end…ever.

wednesday lunch
lunch: sauteed veggies & spaghetti with pesto

wednesday dinner
dinner: red wine & chinese chive and prawn buns

3 Responses to “prawn”

  1. Abigail Says:

    where did you get those delicious-looking prawn buns from?!

  2. Karyee Says:

    I wanted to try baking the strawberry clafoutis tart but I realised you deleted the recipe post :( Is it too much to ask you to email me the recipe? Your entries always look so appetizing by the way! I enjoy your blog very, very much :)

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