michel cluizel part 2

March 22, 2012

thursday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & whole wheat toast with butter and apricot jam

thursday lunch
lunch: potato and onion, green pepper and scrambled eggs & natto brown rice

snack: strawberry vanilla cookies from muji (305kcal)

thursday dinner
dinner: avocado salad & brown rice topped with soy milk stew

I didn’t have the greatest day at work, came home in a foul mood, but found this in the mailbox. Lucky me. I always stop at the entrance to read her handwriting on postcards (or envelop in this case) before I even go inside my room and sit down. I giggle about it. Anyway, thank you, Juliette.

And now, me and Nicki Minaj….can you even picture it? I certainly can’t…

2 Responses to “michel cluizel part 2”

  1. youpisuper Says:

    Thank you Ai!
    I’m happy i made you happy*

  2. Me again Ai!
    Sorry, as i broke my “real” website up, i was trying to understand what was going on and have created an ephemeral blog just to see… Well, i hope i can fix things soon!

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