March 4, 2012

sunday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & apple tart from polka. this was great, but i wasn’t really paying attention to it but was busy reading this about pinterest. i think everybody should read it and be aware why its business model is fraud and of the risks you are subject to upon pinning other people’s images.

snack: earl grey & carrot cake

sunday lunch
late lunch: miso soup (potato, green onion, seaweed) & avocado natto don

sunday dinner
dinner: coffee & bagel with cream cheese and honey

I see more and more people are taking my images from this blog and pinning them on their Pintest accounts. Please do not do that. (This, not to mention, goes for Tumblr users or any other people who post my images somewhere else without ever bothering to ask for my permission.) With Pinterest what you are doing is basically claiming that you have the rights to those images, which you don’t, and giving away the rights to sell those images to Pinterest at their disposal. Does it seem legal to you? And if the *real* owners of the images decided to take legal actions, it’d be you who will be solely accountable for it, not Pinterest. Very fishy.

Stupid TV has begun to show footage of 3.11, gearing up for the first anniversary. It’s not easy…I can’t imagine what it must be like for the people in the tsunami-affected region.

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  1. Hi Ai! you can block people from pinning your images by using this code:

    -it does not solve the problem, because people can still save your photos and upload them, but it is a start

    ps. I am going to tokyo this may! can’t wait to visit Japan.
    pps. I hope the anniversary is not too hard on you. I can understand how horrible the memories are

  2. Flora Amalie Says:

    Thanks for posting that, i really don’t think people are aware of just how sketchy that site is.
    I’ve been thinking a lot about 3.11 and how the media over there is gonna handle it. As for our media, my money is on “cheesy” coverage instead of relevant.

  3. Sewon Says:

    Pinterest really satisfies my tendency to organize and categorize visual inspirations. But I read that Pinterest has some fishy copyright policies. :(

    Here’s a code you can add to the “head” section of your blog that’ll block people from repinning your photos:

  4. Kitty Says:

    I know some people argue that by posting text, images, videos on the internet you should be prepared that they would be used by others etc. But that is just stealing. At the very least they should ask permission + be prepared the owner will say no, which they are fully entitled to.

    I can’t stand how disasters get rehashed into, yep ‘cheesy’ coverage as Flora says.

    • aixxx Says:

      In Australia do they show dead people on TV? In Japan they don’t, but I almost think they should to a certain extent. But that’s generally speaking, and I don’t mean about the tsunami footage.

  5. KTB Says:

    I think putting a watermark/text like’©Aixxx’ on your photos is a good idea. It should make someone think twice about nicking your photos and if they still do so at least they’ll be seen to be yours.

    • aixxx Says:

      But watermark is so against my aesthetics. Having said that, though, that’s always been an option I know I should consider.

  6. V Says:

    Doubt you remember me (it’s been a while since I’ve read/commented here due to horrible life schedule…) but hello Ai!

    Sorry about the image thieves — it’s really irritating, which is why I’m still on the fence of creating a blog! How did you discover it anyway?

    • aixxx Says:

      Horrible life schedule, huh? I hope you are not beating yourself too hard!

      How do I discover things? I have a third eye.

  7. mesia Says:

    Those carrot cakes look divine. I love the height!

    You always pick out the best 食器. Do you have any stores or websites that you recommend?

    • aixxx Says:


      • mesia Says:


        • aixxx Says:


  8. mel Says:

    You’ve got the prettiest plates and cups ^^

  9. jessica Says:

    hey ai.
    wanted to tell you that i pinned an image from your site recently.
    i didn’t realize that it didn’t link. sorry!
    don’t worry, i just deleted my account. not into the stealing thing.
    thanks for the info. and the blog!

  10. Miss Cris Says:

    I deleted my account after finding out about that. someone was kind enough to post it on Tumblr. I hope that code helps to save your images. I really do believe people should ask first before just posting. :(

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