this is spinal tap

December 5, 2011

monday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & pain au fromage from johan

monday lunch
lunch: curry udon

dessert: pecan pie

monday dinner
dinner: red wine & kabocha gratin. there’s (very sweet) kabocha, shimeji, and onion.

I finally watched This is Spinal Tap for the first time over the weekend. It was amusing, like the part where they discuss how one of their drummers died from choking on vomit, and they never found out whose vomit it was (“You can’t really dust for vomit.”), or the scene in which Nigel freaks out over the size of bread in the backstage area. But it was not as funny as people had kept telling me it was for all these years. Maybe it’s too close to reality or something.

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  1. 徐小兔 Says:


  2. Huacachina Says:

    wow…might have to google that one.

    Your dinner looks amazing though.

  3. masako Says:

    朝食のチーズのフランスパンが、おいしそ~! これ、大好きで(同じ店ではないけど、、)日本で、よく食べてました。
    そういえば2年前に行ったときにも、やっぱり食べました。日本のパン屋さんっていいですよね~ いろんなパンがあるし、ちょっと柔らかめのパンが多いけど、、、でもおいしい!

    • aixxx Says:


  4. superliminal Says:


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