british shorthair

May 28, 2011

saturday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & english muffin with cream cheese and strawberry sauce

saturday lunch
lunch: udon topped with szechuan sesame hot soup from muji, sunny-side up eggs, and cherry tomatoes. i also had a couple of rice crackers.

saturday dinner
dinner: ramen (taken by my friend with her iphone)

This week started with me holding hands with Katy Perry (Don’t ask me how, it just sorta happened.) and ended with me poking a British shorthair kitten’s face with my fingers. Hope your week was as cute as mine.

6 Responses to “british shorthair”

  1. Saturine Says:

    My white shiba inu is cute, but those British shorthairs are very cute.

  2. June Says:

    O man, I so want to dive into that bowl of ramen. Looks deelish!

  3. tinajo Says:

    Yum and yum again! :-)

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