November 26, 2010

friday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & toast with butter, nutella, and cinnamon powder in that order

friday lunch
lunch: grilled cheese sandwich, cheddar wrapped with lettuce, & chikuwa and cucumber

appetizer: yebisu beer & some almonds and peanuts
i get quarterly postcards from cafe kajita. so nice.

friday dinner
dinner: linguine with meat sauce

Clearing out my place and throwing stuff out is making me see so many things about myself that I could work on and improve, especially my procrastinating nature and annoyingly cautious decision-making thought process. Hopefully working on those things will help me prioritize what to indulge myself in and what to let go of and make me more like my mom in terms of general productivity. She’s truly a superwoman, that one.

15 Responses to “productivity”

  1. The little lettuce-wrapped cheeses are so cute, with their toothpicks!

  2. Louise Says:

    Hehe Ai, you use about 1/3 of the amount of Nutella I use!!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    I have always enjoy reading your blog on my way home after a hard day’s work. Your wonderful pictures have encouraged this singleton to pay more attention to what I put into my mouth. What a coincidence, I’m too cleaning out my place. Noticed I’m amassed too much for my own liking :(

  4. may Says:

    no oshoyu for your chikuwa and kyuri? that’s how we always did it at my mom’s house.

    • aixxx Says:

      I dip it in shoyu/wasabi or shoyu/karashi sometimes. By the way I used to know a girl named May whose sister was named April in Madison.

      • may Says:

        wow. my dad wanted to name my sister june. and my husband wanted to name my daughter june. thankfully neither idea panned out,

  5. fleur Says:

    happy weekend again (i felt like i just said this to you yesterday… times flies doesn’t it). you know what they say about genetics & dna. i’m sure you’ve it in you to become a superwoman too!

    ps: can’t see the cafe kajita postcards pic. looks like broken link :(
    pps: happy cafe-ing & cake-ing if that’s your plan this weekend!

    • aixxx Says:

      Thank you for letting me know about the bad link.

      My mom sings well, and I don’t. So obviously some things don’t pass on unfortunately!

  6. photoshtuff Says:

    Hi Ai! I just discovered your blog today. You take amazing foodie pictures! I’m hungry just looking at them!

  7. Wei-Wei Says:

    It looks like you use so little Nutella all the time…

    • aixxx Says:

      You know, Wei-Wei, people might not believe it, but I really don’t have a sweet tooth. I can’t take its sweetness much.

  8. cuteandcurls Says:

    Had spaghetti today and tried a new spaghetti sauce. If you ever find it there, i recommend Tromboli.

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