books and old letters

November 7, 2010

breakfast: iced cafe latte, made with cold water drip coffee from cafe mado (excellent!), a biscuit from joyce, & nashi pear

lunch: isobe mochi (grilled rice cake dipped in soy sauce and wrapped with nori) & fried lotus root and carrot

dessert: yummy cookies from a dear friend

dinner: linguine with pesto and tomato sauce & cucumber and seaweed salad

Still clearing out and reorganizing my closet mostly. I’ve been looking at all those recommended websites for interior deco, and I simply wonder where they or people in general hide all their books and old letters and CDs and DVDs. Also, there’s simply too much paper in my place.

I dug out some of my photography books. This one’s by the great Henri Cartier-Bresson.

And here’s a book by Diane Arbus.

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  1. Bonjour Ai! That’s what sundays are for: Tidying things up with very loud music on – at least that what my neighbours seem to think. Do you really keep your old letters? I used to but regularly dove in the old-letters-box and threw most of them away. For some strange (unknown) reason reading them makes me feel physically ill… Well my sunday is going to be a pumpkin chocolate cake cooking one, and then i’ll tidy things up too, it’s getting messy in here. Have “fun” ***

  2. i hid my old letters in a few shoe boxes which were then stuffed into a draw.
    friends always commented how my home (in hong kong) was so clean and simple; they didn’t look in my draws (in american english doesn’t that mean “my boxer shorts”?!)

  3. Lear Says:

    I really like the light you have around on your photos. It really stands out, it’s spectacular. You must be a happy person living in such an ambient light.

    I prefer Willy Ronis to Bresson. Willy was less commercial.

    What is ‘cushion floor’?

  4. Wei-Wei Says:

    I love those photo books. So vintage, and in the best way.

  5. Skye Says:

    Books and old letters are two things that always make the cut when we move. Fortunately they have cheaper postal rates than other things…

    Looking at the Cartier-Bresson and Arbus images, I kind of feel like colour photography is cheating somehow.

    Also, I totally miss Japanese fruit!

  6. cuteandcurls Says:

    I still love the old fashion snail mail :) I still keep all my old letters from friends and old flames ;-) in a box, even past birthday cards and christmas cards. I must say Ai, I really like your figure glass very much and a change in your daily hot coffee. The photograph books are interesting to see, page by page.

    Heres wishing you a GREAT start to your week and a lovely Monday. Im looking forward to this week, a 2 day trip chaperoning students with my husband and meeting a friend from the motherland :-D

  7. Louise Says:

    I love to exchange paper letters. Sadly it’s all mostly email thesedays, so when someone says something nice or romantic it’s not as lovely to keep.

  8. fleur Says:

    The photography book by Henri Cartier-Bresson is great! I really enjoyed the pics thanks for posting.

    do you feel awkward when you take a photo with other human in it? sometimes i think people hate being in photos and they give me shock looks :( photos with humans can be so touching and transpire alot of emotions. i like to make up a little story based on their facial expressions (that’s why the best ones are the ones of humans with no expressions so you can make up anything you like!)

    i hope the house cleaning is coming along nicely! now you’ve let the cat out of the bag you must show us pics of your place when it’s done!

  9. nae Says:

    a complete stranger…but got here from stroopwafel search?! :-) Funny, i just ordered the book yesterday! :) Enjoyed your daily meal photos – thanks!

  10. bettkaa Says:

    i love these photos, oh, i wish i took photos like these.

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