November 30, 2015

monday breakfast
breakfast: coffee, toast, kabocha and cream cheese salad, & mizuna cucumber red pepper salad with honey mustard dressing (380kcal)

monday lunch
lunch: fried burdock root and carrot, marinated daikon, mizuna red pepper tuna salad with honey mustard dressing, & natto rice (400kcal)

snack: kurumi (walnut) yubeshi, shrimp cracker, & protein bar (370kcal)

post-workout protein bar (220kcal)
i did this 20-min. hiit that never gets easier. then (naturally) my headache worsened, so i tried to do some stretching and found this 30-min. pilates for beginners. this was such a wrong choice for me on my part that i was so mad at myself for wasting 30 minutes of my time. duh. i figured, “well, i’ve never done pilates per se,” but sure i have!

monday dinner
monday dinner
dinner: this cheeky peanut monkey… i also had a delicious organic tomato and marinated daikon. (840kcal)

I’ve been popping pills for my headache for the last two days. I want to go to bed by eleven tonight. Let’s see if that’s possible for this night owl.

channel orange

November 29, 2015

sunday protein bar
post-workout protein bar (220kcal)
i did low-impact high intensity 35-min. fat burn workout, followed by 10-min. thighs & butt workout and 10-min. toning workout.

sunday yogurt
snack: ripe mishirazu persimmon on yogurt (260kcal)

sunday dinner
dinner: another protein bar (220kcal)

Color orange. Channel Orange. Where the hell are Frank Ocean and his new album?


November 28, 2015

saturday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & a lot of yogurt with banana and maple syrup (380kcal)
i did this quick thighs & butt workout before shower as i was feeling pretty guilty about not having worked out for the last two days.

saturday lunch
lunch: i wanted something hot to keep me warm, so i cooked rice with daikon, daikon greens, lotus root, and egg. for seasoning i used dashi powder, oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, and pepper. there was too much water to call this rice porridge. (360kcal)

snack: gold bunny & pumpkin pie flavor coated protein bar, which was very sweet but not bad at all. i loved its texture.

saturday dinner
saturday dinner
dinner: miso ramen (¥830)

dessert: i also had waaaay too much peanut butter ‘cuz it’s weekend. argh.

nuts about nuts

November 27, 2015

friday breakfast
breakfast: coffee, peanut butter and cashew butter on pain de campagne, & a half apple (370kcal)

friday lunch
lunch: fried rice (egg, tuna, daikon greens) & wakame soup (350kcal)

snack: tcho mokaccino chocolate (thanks, rena. i truly enjoyed it. it was especially good for my tired brain.), protein bar, & dates (750kcal)

friday dinner
dinner: sautéed bok choy and chikuwa & tokoroten. i also had three spoonfuls of peanut butter. practicing self-control. (340kcal)

darker and colder

November 26, 2015

thursday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & yogurt with banana and peanut butter (320kcal)

thursday lunch
lunch: natto rice, sautéed bok choy and chikuwa, & kabocha and cream cheese salad (450kcal)

snack: dates & protein bar (450kcal)

thursday dinner
thursday dinner
dinner: daikon carrot tuna salad & protein bar (360kcal)

It’s getting darker and colder outside and busier inside.


November 25, 2015

wednesday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & peanut butter with banana and apple (300kcal)

wednesday lunch
lunch: spaghetti with daikon and lotus root in tomato sauce (390kcal)

snack: mishirazu persimmons, shrimp crackers, & protein bar (500kcal)

post-workout protein shake (90kcal)
i did two rounds of this jump and tone boot camp as well as this yoga flow thing.

wednesday dinner
dinner: komatsuna lotus root egg soup (170kcal)

I didn’t even know Hara Setsuko was still alive. I certainly didn’t know she passed in September aged 95. She and Ozu made some true masterpieces together. R.I.P.

tuesday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & onigiri using freshly cooked rice (290kcal)

tuesday lunch
lunch: kabocha and cream cheese salad & nikkori (320kcal)

snack: mishirazu persimmon & protein bar (260kcal)

pre-workout protein bar & post-workout protein shake (270kcal)
i did 10-min. jump rope skipping workout to start with. then i moved on to this killer butt shaper workout as well as this low-impact high-intensity 35-min. fat-burning workout.

tuesday dinner
dinner: tofu on a bed of natto and grated daikon (200kcal)


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