pulling my hair out

April 29, 2016

friday breakfast
friday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & banana muffins

post-workout protein bar
i did 20-min. full body hiit and felt so darn good.

snack: lemon milk kintoki (red bean jam) kakigoori @ aioi

friday dinner
friday dinner
dinner: casa del rojo vino de autor monastell (my current favorite), some pastries, & crackers with roquefort and passion fruit

I went to get my hair cut on the first day of Golden Week.
I ran into one of the girls from work in the city. What are the chances. She was drinking by herself. I told her not to drink too much.
A skirt or jeans? Hair up or down? Pulling my hair out over these silly and unfamiliar topics.

noodle thursday

April 28, 2016

thursday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & yogurt with rhubarb jam

thursday lunch
lunch: ramen (¥850)

snack: protein bar

thursday dinner
dinner: curry udon with chicken tempura and bamboo shoot tempura at marukameseimen

affogato & caffè macchiato as usual

i came home and had two glasses of chianti. chianti was the first wine i fell in love with back in college. it’s too light for me now.

as a journalist

April 27, 2016

wednesday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & yogurt with blueberries and maple syrup

wednesday lunch
lunch: rucola egg tuna carrot tomato red radish salad & sweet potato

snack: rice cracker & protein bar

post-workout protein bar
i did 38-min. boot camp hiit. yes! thank you, melissa. she’s my hero.

wednesday dinner
wednesday dinner
dinner: chianti, sauteed lotus root, & sauteed broccoli

I tell you as a journalist that it is always tough having to write articles on the deceased. It gets tougher when I mourn that death. With so little sleep in the last couple of days I was an emotional wreck writing about Prince this afternoon and fighting back tears and listening to Purple Rain, which was never my favorite, but man it just kills me now.

One more day and I’m officially on the Golden Week “staycation.” It looks like my May is going to be all about meeting up with people. First up is this thing that I kind of want to keep to myself for now (Fingers crossed), then I’m getting together with my dear friends that I’d call my “other” family from Madison, Wisconsin. (The baby I held in my arms back in the day is now bringing his girlfriend with him on this trip. I still can’t get my head around it.) Then my best friend from high school is visiting me from North Carolina. So I’ll be busy but happy and grateful for all of this.

my pan and my life

April 26, 2016

tuesday breakfast
breakfast: lots of coffee, painkillers for my headache, banana, & lemon pudding cake (not pictured)

tuesday lunch
lunch: oatmeal cooked with mixed seafood, mixed veggies, and rapeseed. i was out of oyster sauce, so this wasn’t nearly as good. i am also out of cooking ideas and motivation for that matter as well.

i thought i’d show you one of my spotless pans with which i cooked my lunch today. it’s not brand new; i’ve been using it for the last 15 years or so, at least. this is how meticulous i am about certain things in my life.

snack: flourless peanut butter and oatmeal cookies. i had four of them. i also had a protein bar and one too many rice crackers.

dinner: i had a glass of wine when i got back home at eleven.

I am kind of disgusted for not having had the time to work out for a week or so now. I feel like my butt has started to sag. OH NO!!!

busy monday

April 25, 2016

monday breakfast
breakfast: coffee, rum raisin yokan, & protein bar

monday lunch
lunch: steamed broccoli, carrot, avocado, & lawson‘s smoked chicken breast 

snack: lemon pudding cake & protein bar

monday dinner
late dinner: red wine & edamame

I’m annoyingly crazy busy and already exhausted, and it’s only Monday. Oh-well. You have a great Monday, okay? ;)

vintage issues

April 24, 2016

sunday breakfast
breakfast: coffee, kashiwa mochi, & yomogi mochi, both from taneya

sunday lunch
sunday lunch
lunch: tomato yellow pepper pickled onion rucola salad & penne with roquefort sauce because i did not have gorgonzola

snack: protein bar

i did 30-min. yoga flow and stretch.

sunday dinner
dinner: yogurt with maple syrup and whatever that was that was in the freezer. i think it’s crumbled energy balls.

I bought two very old issues of Kurashi no Techo, one of the very first leading lifestyle magazines, first published in Japan in the ’40s. They are fascinating to read and see.
on two-year maternity leave (what?)
on blonde manequins
three beef dishes
recommending getting your hair short
testing fridges
on family living with birds
“they are growing up faster nowadays.” said people in 1958.
“make sure you subscribe to this particular magazine from vol.1.”
testing tetoron
testing electric toasters
they “really” tested these toasters.
their verdict: aa=n/a, a=toshiba and hitachi, etc.

lemon pudding cake

April 24, 2016

saturday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & lemon pudding cake

they really couldn’t give a damn about me.

saturday lunch
saturday lunch
lunch: birra moretti & verbania (prosciutto di parma, cheese, pickled capers, and anchovy mayo) @ cafe maggiore

dessert: nishiocha sorbet with rice flour dumplings, green tea, & cinnamony thingie made with lotus root flour

snack: i initially decided not to have it. but not having it when i can is not an option, is it, ai?

saturday dinner
saturday dinner
dinner: spanish red wine (cheap but so good), crackers, & some chikuwa (not pictured)


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