October 13, 2015

tuesday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & banana and dark chocolate peanut butter wrap (320kcal)

tuesday lunch
lunch: rice with sautéed cabbage and mackerel & fried burdock root and carrot (450kcal)

snack: protein bar (190kcal)

post-workout protein shake (80kcal)
i did 5×5 full body hiit workout and went for a walk for about 40 minutes.

tuesday dinner
dinner: apple with peanut butter & kabocha and cream cheese salad (430kcal)

Since I decided that I hated running or walking so much but still needed cardio, I’ve been dying to take some kickboxing classes. The only gym that offers them around where I live is a bit different than what I imagine as they are heavy on other forms of martial arts like grappling and boxing with mostly male fighters as gym members. I could do without their raging hormones. So what I’m trying to say is that I should get my ass outside and run/walk anyway, which requires so much mental strength. Ugh.

sports day

October 12, 2015

monday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & yogurt with persimmon and maple syrup (300kcal)

snack: pb&j bars. i also had some dried fruits and nuts.

snack: apple & protein bar (290kcal)
a couple of new recipe books for inspiration

post-workout protein shake (80kcal)
i did a round of 15-min. tight body fat burner hiit workout as well as a round of 15-min. cardio and body sculpt hiit workout.

monday dinner
monday dinner
dinner: kabocha and cream cheese salad, carrot salad, fried burdock root and carrot, & rice with sesame and kelp (380kcal)

We had a day off. I did a multiple loads of laundry more or less all day long, cleaned, cooked for the upcoming week (which might or might not include a phoner with Bieber. Jealous much?😂), and just chilled. How is it going for you?


October 11, 2015

sunday breakfast
breakfast: i baked a peanut butter & raspberry jam bar. the smell of raspberry jam in the oven is one of the most pleasant smells I know.

dessert: chestnut kakigoori (¥900). this looks fantastic on the outside, right?
mind you, i eat my kakigoori super quickly. this kind of already-half-melting kakigoori is unacceptable. this was so disappointing.

dessert: because the first one was so disappointing…(¥780)

snack: coffee & “vignes fromage” while i waited for my friend to join me to go and watch kinsman: the secret service, which, by the way, was 100 times more entertaining than mission impossible: rogue nation that we’d seen a while back.

this looks like a daytime shot, doesn’t it? only it isn’t. it’s not a window but a screen.
my friend said those incisions on my wine glass aren’t stars. what are they then?

sunday dinner
dinner: late night bibimbap takeout that was 40% off (¥422)
then i had a pb&j bar as well as too much peanut butter straight from the jar. shit.


October 10, 2015

saturday breakfast
breakfast: coffee, roasted sweet potato with maple syrup, & protein bar (400kcal)

saturday lunch
lunch: seven-eleven oden (179kcal 13.9g protein)

snack: celery sticks, peanut butter, apple, & protein bar (560kcal)
last night i went shopping specifically for peanut butter and came home with everything that i certainly didn’t need like alcohol and popsicles but peanut butter. it bothered me so much (plus i felt so stupid) that i went back to the store during my lunch break today and got myself a jar of skippy, which was the only option there. by the way the pb/celery combo ruins pb for me. i remember in my college days one of my american roommates eating the combo and me thinking what the hell!?

saturday dinner
saturday dinner
dinner: the chef made this italian pasta-like ramen. this one is marriage between fish-based ramen and carbonara. (¥830)

i feel so friggin’ “round” these days, and i don’t like it at all.


October 9, 2015

friday breakfast
breakfast: coffee & apple persimmon crisp (440kcal)

friday lunch
lunch: eggplant mackerel onion curry with rice (550kcal)

snack: alfort (55kcal, it’s a chocolate biscuit.) & protein bar (160kcal)

friday dinner
friday dinner
dinner: organic pinot noir, apple, napoleon (goat cheese), & quesadilla with cheese and tomato sauce, which was like a calzone (870kcal)

dessert: i think i love it too much. i had one too many, and now i’m so cold.
(i just realized that i may have no jammies with long sleeves as i have thrown away pretty much everything thanks to my “konmari” phase a while back.)

this is an unbelievable issue for a mina perhonen lover like myself.

shiso seeds

October 8, 2015

thursday breakfast
thursday breakfast
breakfast: coffee, tortilla with kinako (roasted soybean flour) and honey, & yogurt with fig jam (450kcal)
i surprised myself this morning when i woke up and realized i was sitting on my bed in the dark at four thirty. not sure what i was trying to do.

thursday lunch
thursday lunch
thursday lunch
lunch: sauteed kamaboko (minced fish) and red pepper, steamed eggplants topped and seasoned with grated ginger and ponzu, & onigiri (370kcal)
i salted shiso seeds and mixed them with rice, which gave it a really flavorful and fresh taste.

snack: mast brothers‘ vanilla and smoke & protein bar (620kcal)
i didn’t think i would like this chocolate. but it was quite enjoyable. i’d buy it again and probably have it with red wine or brandy or just really good coffee. it reads: “smoked cacao from papua new guinea and bourbon vanilla bean from madagascar are slowly stone-ground over the course of days and then aged.”

post-workout protein shake (80kcal)
i did this 15-min. full body sweat workout as well as this lower body workout.

thursday dinner
dinner: miso soup with daikon, tofu, and wakame, miso-marinated egg, carrot salad, (i did not eat those fried fish thingies as they smelled funky.), & do you see those chocolate chips? yep. (510kcal)

knives and spoons

October 7, 2015

wednesday breakfast
breakfast: coffee, sautéed sweet potato, & protein bar (470kcal)

wednesday lunch
lunch: miso-marinated egg & cabbage tuna carrot salad with miso gravy (270kcal)

snack: oberweis‘ noir et framboise chocolate (the whole fucking thing) & protein bar (760kcal?)

i came home late and changed to quickly go though 16-min. interval workout for a tighter tummy. this burned.

wednesday dinnerwednesday dinner
dinner: some nuts, seven-eleven oden, & too much chocolate peanut butter (760kcal?)
it’s (not) funny how i end up with so many used knives and spoons in the sink after i help myself to peanut butter one too many times. because i don’t want to contaminate a jar, i keep changing my utensils every time i go back for more.


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